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Artist Statement

" Art is But a Simile of Creation"                Paul Klee    1879 - 1940


    2016                     "A Concrete Reality"                   24" x 18"

As I portray aspects of our urban industrialized landscape, I am reminded of the complexities that creation can present:  powerful, majestic, harmonious, yet vulnerable, fragmented and broken.  

I marvel at the beauty of nature, am fascinated with different atmospheric conditions and intrigued with the impact that industry and architecture has on our natural environment. I recognize the dichotomy of change and the necessity to co-exist in this diverse and complex world.  All this provides inspiration and becomes my reality.


Working in mixed media and encaustic, I am drawn to wax for its luminous appearance, unpredictable challenges and therapeutic qualities.  The process of applying and scraping back the wax is intriguing and often reveals layers of unusual striations, patterns and textures.


Concrete forms the foundation for many of my compositions and reclaimed pieces of metal are strategically incorporated.  Juxtaposed against these materials the tree becomes a metaphor for life, signifying for me the passage of time while geometric shapes and planes represent stability in an ever changing society.  

Photographs of the urban environment become a source of reference and are often manipulated, transferred, and then fused between layers of wax.  Mappings, surface markings, renderings and text  are components that help stimulate the creative process and bring my artistic journey to completion.

Through the integration of these diverse elements and characteristics,  I hope to restore an equilibrium between nature and industy, while striving to maintain a reverence for the relationship between our natural and man-made worlds.

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