"Encaustic" to burn in,  is an  ancient  painting  technique  using melted  wax. The wax medium can be used alone for its transparency or pigments can be mixed into the wax.  Darmar resin can also be added to harden the wax which is then applied to a sturdy support with brushes, knives or other tools. Each layer of wax is fused with a heat source (heat gun, torch, iron) Artists have practised this technique for over 2000 years - one of the earliest applications of encaustic paints dates back to ancient Greece where artists decorated their boats and highlighted the features of marble statues with pigmented wax.  Egyptians mastered the art of encaustic painting and created the famous fayum portraits which were attached to  mummy cases or the wrappings of the deceased. Wall murals in Pompeii and icons of the Byzantine era were painted with the wax medium.


Although in decline during the Middle Ages,  encaustic has again gained popularity in the 20th century  and many well known artists (Diego Riviera, Jasper Johns, Tony Scherman) have worked extensively with wax and have influenced many contemporary  encaustic artists.


















"Encaustic Explorations"

This encaustic workshop provides opportunity for both beginner and experienced participants to explore and experiment with multiple techniques working on japanese papers, wooden supports and cradled panels.  Participants will be introduced to:  encaustic fundamentals, history, safety, materials/tools, priming/fusing, colour mixing.  Additional techniques:  applying texture, stencilling, mono printing and an easy photo transfer process into wax will be demonstrated.   There will be plenty of time to develop personal techniques, styles and artworks.  Come and explore this exciting medium and unleash your creativity in a relaxed environment under the direction of an experienced teacher and artist.


"Creating with Encaustic"

If you are familiar with encaustic and interested in developing new approaches to painting then this workshop is for you.  Explore some of the techniques in more detail (texturing, layering, incising and adding oil pastles, image transfers) and design ways to incorporate these methods into a series of 3 cradled panels.  This intermediate level is designed for those who have taken the basic encaustic painting workshop, are eager to expand on existing techniques and developing a more cohesive body of work. Personalized image transfers will be made for you to incorporate into your paintings.

"Encaustic and Beyond" - 2 and 3 day workshops

Venture into the realm of wax, concrete and metal! Participants will be introduced to the application of concrete compound to wooden cradled panels, incorporating metals, applying personal image transfers and storage box solutions.   After demonstrations time will be devoted to planning compositions, selecting, heating and applying wax to metal and applying concrete to panels

Erna will demonstrate her method of storing and shipping encaustic artworks and materials will be provided for participants to create their own storage box using foam and glassine.  Reclaimed pieces of cooper, found metal will be available while larger pieces of cooper can be cut and shaped to size.  Personal image transfers will be made for you upon request.

Individualized Small Group - 1 and 2 day workshops 

In consultation with the instructor, an individualized encaustic/mixed media workshop will be developed to meet the needs of the

participants. Each workshop is designed for 2-4 people and will be held in the dE VRIES studio.  Ideal for those beginning in encaustic or an excellent opportunity for those with encaustic knowledge to focus on a specific technique while develop a personal style. 

Cost per participant: $200 for a 4 hour workshop, $250 for a 6 hour workshop and $450 for a 2-day (12 hour workshop) with a minimum of 2 people registered. Workshop includes all materials and refreshments

Also available are one-on-one refresher sessions at $75 per hour including materials (a minimum of 4 hours) 

Please Contact Me for Details Regarding Upcoming Workshops or to Discuss Individual Instruction

Workshop Schedule:   2020

All Covet Protocols in Place

dE VRIES STUDIO - Mount Hope, ON

"Encaustic" - independant workshop

Saturday, October 24, 2020   12:00 - 6:00

Oakville Art Society - Oakville, ON

"Encaustic Explorations"

Saturday, October 24, 2020   10:00 - 4:00



All Covet Protocols in Place

Oakville Art Society - Oakville, ON

"Encaustic + Mixed Media Explorations"

Saturday, March 27, 2021   10:00 - 4:00


Oakville Art Society - Oakville, ON

"Encaustic + Mixed Media Explorations"

Saturday, October 23, 2021   10:00 - 4:00


Kaleidoscope Creative Arts - Mississauga, ON

"Encaustic Workshop"

 to be determined


Erna is an educator, artist and certified Instructor/Product Demonstrator for "Enkaustikos" a miller and manufacturer of wax paints located in Rochester NY . Please click www.encausticpaints.com to see the company product line, instructional videos, workshop offerings and more along with an interview with Erna under Enkaustikos Instructors.


An online article on Erna's process and techniques can be found in the Spring 2015 issue of EncausticArtsMagazine


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